Mountain hiking, a way to one’s father
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I had a wonderful weekend in the wonderful Tatra Mountains in an excellent company.

I love mountains and discovering them. Before, hiking in the mountains was synonymous with reaching the peaks for me. Today it’s more of a hike, enjoying the views, company, chatting with other people on the trail when we are tired, catching our breath, at our own pace, in joy.

Mountain climbing on a spiritual level can be a beautiful path towards our fathers.

The mountains symbolically bring us closer to the divine, God-father. Standing on top is joy, self-confidence, “look dad, I have made it”.

Saying goodbye through the hardship of climbing, muscle pain, breath and effort to what happened, what didn’t happen with a father. Ideas about him, expectations. Let go of pain, grief, bitterness. Reconcile on the slope, catch a breath in the lungs, which are symbolically related also to the father.

Lung diseases testify to the perceived danger in our territory. This includes difficulty in keeping one’s boundaries, in the relationship me-me, me-others. And who better than a father teaches a child to set their own boundaries, which later in life translate into relationships.

Thank you Wojtek, Maria, Michał, Lucyna and Iwona Iwona for a great hike, conversations, company, Monday breakfast, time together 😍

photo: Nosal peak 😍


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