About me

I like experiencing life. As of today, I recognise it as a core of my existence. Being part of all that exist, equipped with a will,  I feel enormous happiness that a given me life, on this planet, in each moment gives me a possibility of experiencing by making choices in a quantum field of opportunities. The biggest potential I can only feel is in now, a present moment, a daily life. I gratefully watch my mind conditioned by ‘so important’ beliefs, trying to run away towards past or future, taking away the current moment. Given me life gifts and flaws define my consciousness, are my potentials and limitations. These, I will keep on discovering till the end of time. Thanks to my body I experience life fuller, it is a mirror of what I hold to consciously and unconsciously. And a soul, with love, knows the best, making the plan happen. Over 5 years ago, thanks to a disease, I experienced a change of a life paradigm, and I am here now. This is what I know and experienced about myself as of today. And I am, simply.


I run my own psychobiology and systemic constellations (Sophie’s and Bert’s Hellinger method) office in Gdańsk, Poland, 

I am a certified systemic constellations therapist. In 2017- 2019 I certified in Gerhard Walper’s Institut Für Stilles Familienstellen at Silent Systemic Constellations For Families Taunus (Sophie and Bert Helliger method). My training also included a professional modul The order of success and management for professionals and enterprises. In addition, I completed an intro modul to School of Love in the Family Reconciliation with parents based on Holding Therapy according to Jirina Prekop. 

I am also a certified psychobiologist. In 2020 – 2022 I completed Psychobiology at Psychobiology Academy Vedica of Dr Marzanna Radziszewska – Konopko in Warsaw, Poland. Psychobiology Vedica recognises the links between a ‘disease’ and a person conciousness level according to the Hawkin’s map of conciousness. These modules were led by Jolanta Toporowicz from Euphonia Institut. 

I also had an opportunity to learn directly from many wonderful teachers such as Patrick Ziegler (‘All is Love’ Dublin, 2017), Małgorzata Wołukanis (‘Undo method’ Warsaw, 2017), Malwina Stach i Dawid Okoński (‘I love myself’ and ‘Lucid Dreaming’, 2019), Monika Rajska (‘Hyperphysics’ Warsaw, 2020), Dr Maria Rozwadowska (‘Concious mum’ Warsaw 2021), Jolanta Drobek (‘Time Regression’ through hypnotic regression method, personal sessions 2021-2022).

Other qualifications

In the past, I qualified as a lawyer, a financial adviser and a tax adviser. I worked for government bodies and corporations, both in consultancy and industry for 18 years (Appeal Tax Office, Irish Life plc, Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon, KPMG, Arla Foods) including Poland and Ireland (with short periods in Paris and London). I have experienced that we people regardless our education, professions and where we live, we all have the same feelings and emotions. However, we differ in our views and opinions what is coming from our different consciousness levels. Because of that, we react to the same events in various ways building this life experiences.

Personal life

I am a married woman, a mum of two teenagers. Two dogs joined our family. I live in Gdańsk, Poland. I love hiking and flipping old or abandonned furniture.


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