'The only thing that can redeem mankind is collaboration' Bertrand Russell

For psychologists, therapists, GPs and doctors

I co-operate with professionals who have experienced that a healing process can be accessed from various gates. Seeing a client/patient solely from a materialistic paradigm of a cause and effect may slow down or stop a recovery. 

I have experienced that a road to a well-being may lead through many doors. Numerous doctors, psychologists, nurses, massagists etc. present during workshops and classes I took part in are a proof of same.

The psychobiology and systemic constellations knowledge come from experienced doctors and psychologists that allowed themselves to look at their patients/clients from a wider perspective, by liaising both, academic knowledge with that coming from intuition. They experienced a unity of body, mind and inner spirit that widened their consciousness and decided to see this way other people.  This approach can only lead to a step forward in a human civilisation and an unprecedented human transformation. Let’s work together!

For traders, corporations, firms, government bodies

I have 18-years of experience working for various corporations, firms and government bodies. I understand the logic and processes that drive these organisations. We all currently experience unprecedent times, no question about that. So far effective economic, competition, production, tax or HR etc. well-established processes do not work any longer. In my opinion, the view of continuation has those companies/bodies that understand globally happening deep transformation and are willing to change their current processes and transform their hierarchical structures.
I invite to a collaboration business owners, managers, workers and employees of all sort open to a new era of entrepreneurship and statehood based on a collective paradigm that source from such values as freedom, unity and partnership. A beautiful era of a human civilisation has commenced and only we people decide how quickly it materialises. Let’s work together!

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