Women's Circle

I kindly invite you to a meeting in a circle with other women –
for non-Polish speakers living in Tricity

If you are a non-Polish speaking woman living in a Tricity Area, or you are a Polish woman speaking good English and you wish to meet with other women, please come along to our English speaking Women’s Circle meetings.

During meetings we mainly build a relation with our inner self. This will expand to your other life relations. Through various technics and knowledge we learn who we are as human beings and as women. 

Circle's rules

I am a part of the group with other women

I respect, I do not judge, I feel compassion with other women

I do not advice if not asked

Other women’s opinions are not about myself

I come to the meetings on time

I do not interfere when other woman speaks

I try to communicate from my heart how I feel

I have a right to remain silent or not to participate in an exercise

I turn off my mobile phone for the duration of the meeting

Relevant information

We meet once a month from September 2022 – June 2023 in Gdańsk – Chełm, Cienista 24/22 street
 (Agnes Academy Agnieszka Szumełda premises).
The meeting lasts for approximately 3 hours, 6.00-9.00pm (sometimes longer), the doors open at 5.00pm.

Coffee/tea, snacks are included in the entry fee. Feel free to bring your own handmade cookies/cakes!

Please contact me directly for more details.

Investment in a meeting is 100 złoty.  

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