Mountain climbing, a lesson of dealing with the ego
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In the mountain experience, I have two aspects of the ego.

First, the lesson of when to let go – this is where the ego weakens us.

Secondly, when to go on anyway – this is where the ego supports us.

In both cases, the ego makes itself felt equally strong. The emotions felt are either pride or anger and all their variations.

Letting go of climbing to the top is a lesson of letting go. Anyone who walks with love in the mountains knows what I’m talking about 😅

It’s a lesson that there are powers greater than ours, that things don’t always go our way, that not achieving something despite visions and actions is ok. Because it’s about the process itself, the intention, why we do it, for whom. The more ‘to yourself’ and ‘for yourself’ in it, the less tension and the easier it is to let go of pride.

When to move on anyway? When laziness, procrastination, comfort turn on on the route, when we get annoyed by people around us, queues on trails, when our feet hurt, when our fingers rub, when it’s windy, when it rains, when the sun is shining. There can be many reasons that something will “fire” in us on the trail and it is worth reaching for our anger to lead us to the goal.

In the photo, my beloved Tatra Mountains 💙


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