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We hold in our bodies and mind memories that we cannot access from conciously. They are like fossils that we are not aware of. My meeting with Magda helped me to access them and see how they affect today myself and my family. I recomend this experience to anyone. Although it has been a difficult process, including tears but how relieving. There was a hole that I filled up. It was my first but not the last meeting with Magda.
A Woman
What for? I am born and I scream 'Hello the world!'. I start a circle of life on Earth. The scream assists me for years. The scream transforms to a scream fulfilled with emotions, feelings and experiences until it becomes a roar. The roar expresses how little I understand. Then it stops. I feel silence and emptiness. 'What is it all for?' I ask. I feel emotional emptiness. My actions bring no changes. Emotional emptiness. I join Women's circle with women I have not met before. After few meetings those women became incredibly close to me. I look forward to next meetings with impatience. I accept more wisdom with each meeting gratefully. Each circle hydrates my emotional emptiness. I start feeling life. I say I want more, how come I have not known that before? After few meetings I feel different as a human being, a daughter, a wife, a mother and a friend. With all my heart I thank my circle and especially Magdalena. She created a circle and spreads the wisdom. She is our spiritual companion, thanks to her I am here happier and more aware. What for I ask again?
Grateful participant
Women’s circles make me understanding more myself, my feelings and my emotions. I have become more aware, patient and understanding. Magda showed me how important and powerful is woman's energy and how much through childhood process and social rules we get caught off from that energy. Meetings with Magda are inspiring, deep and true. I started feeling well in my body. I see things more aware; it is sourcing from my heart. And it has been good. I start feeling happiness. Plus, presence of those all living and wonderful women that inspire not less than Magda.
I did not look for women’s circles myself, however I knew Magdalena from work. I trust Magdalena and I knew from the beginning that the meetings would be interesting. With time it appeared to be also helpful in finding peace and self-confidence. Personally, I also started feeling I steer my life and I feel peace that all is going to be ok. During meetings we have a space to express ourselves without a fear of being judged. We also do not give 'life-advices', we just share feelings and emotions freely and it appears we are not alone. It is amazing how women can quickly find a way to each other. During a systemic constellation Magdalena creates a space and a possibility to see deeper a cause of a problem. After a session I felt at peace with an issue I used to be emotional about. It all harmonised during a session. There is a room for a self-responsibility as to how much you want to participate during meetings depending on your trust. It is worth trying.
Magda with a professional attentiveness approaches topics that are entrusted to her. She asks questions getting to a core of the issue peacefully and with understanding. I recommend working with Magda. I appreciate her extensive knowledge and a deep intuition. With those two life gifts together, she perfectly supports finding solutions to life challenges
Systematic constellations, women’s circles and a consultation with Magda changed my life. Magda with a great love and compassion looks into each story. She gives them respect and recognition what allowed me to look at my stories in the same way. Each meeting is like meeting my inner self. Magda showed me a simple way to recover my breathe and balance. I truly recommend meeting with Magda, it brings life effects. I am very grateful that our paths crossed. I embrace and thank for everything.
After having read 'Kind Companion' of Natalia de Barbaro I decided to join women’s circle. Unexpectedly Magda showed up on my way with her valuable workshops. I met wonderful women with different passions and life approaches. Each of us is unique. We support each other, share happiness and difficulties, we respect. I always look forward towards our next meetings.
Women’s circle is an exceptional opportunity to meet openminded women at different age, with various life experiences. They want to improve the quality of their lives. The meetings allow lift up my consciousness through mutual discussions and psychological and spiritual knowledge. It allows easier and quicker life change by changing my habits, judgements, let go the past and forgive myself. Meeting women with similar troubles helps to discover our own ghosts and let them go what in effect brings a new quality of life. After few circles I experienced visible changes.
Participating in women’s circles is for me an extraordinary journey inside myself surrounded by acceptance and women’s energy. Magda is a woman of a precise and inquisitive mind. With a heart on her hand, she leads circles toward discovery of their own phenomenal intuition, femineity and creativity. Magda helps to understand and overcome shadows, while caring for sisterhood.

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