Our bodies speak to us constantly, and yet they are never wrong. They assist us the way we manage them from our emotional level. There is no symptom in our body without a ‘trigger’ within us. Our body by way of external symptoms gives us an opportunity to see our inner selves. It has been truly one of nature’s miracle.

Psychobiology understands a disease broader comparing to a general definition ‘abnormal condition that negatively affects the structure or function of all or part of an organism’ (after Psychobiology sees a disease as a reverse information, a mirror of our emotional state conditioned by our consciousness level. The science of medicine recognises the influence of ‘stress’ on a human body, however ‘stress’ here seems to be rather a general concept. Meanwhile, our bodies precisely respond to what we feel. They make sure that we meet the main nature’s goal, i.e. that we survive. I encourage to research i.e., New German Medicine, Biologika, Recall Healing or Psychobiology Vedica findings in this area to learn more.   

Psychobiology appointment

If you wish bring to life a reason for your disease I invite you to a meeting with your inner self through the psychobiology. During a consultation by experiencing a link of conscious with unconscious within, you may better understand yourself and trigger a recovery process. A consultation brings a contact with your essence, which in my view is the greatest journey of our life, that is being a human being. 


How do I work?

A consultation may last from 1h-2hrs. Before a meeting I will send you a form that will serve as a basis to our meeting. 

In each case, I give full attention to the matter. I am honest and direct. I do not judge you, people and situations involved. I make sure you understand what you see and feel. I might support you in planning next steps should you feel like. I meet people personally in Gdańsk, Poland, Cienista 24/22 street or on-line.

Investment in a consultation is 150 euros.

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