About me

I have founded and I create a place in Gdańsk, Poland that I named ‘I am, simply. Meeting with my inner self’. I do individual consultations, I organise systemic constellations workshops and also meetings for women.

My qualifications

I am a certified systemic constellation therapist

In 2022-2023, I completed the Systemic Constellations Therapist professional course at the Conscious Therapist College 38 in Gdańsk.

In 2017-2019, I graduated from Gerhard Walper’s Institute of Quiet Family Arrangements (Institut Für Stilles Familienstellen, Taunus) according to the method of Sophie and Bert Hellinger. I have completed, among others an introductory module to the School of Love in the Family covering the thematic scope of Reconciliation with Parents according to Jirina Prekop based on Strong Holding Therapy according to Prekop (conducted by Anna Choińska). 

I am a certified psychobiology consultant

In the years 2020-2022, I graduated from Psychobiology at the Vedica Academy of Psychobiology in Warsaw with Dr. Marzanna Radziszewska-Konopko. Vedica’s psychobiology discovers the relationship between ‘disease’ and the level of human consciousness (Hawkins’ map of consciousness). These modules were taught by Jolanta Toporowicz from the Euphonia Institute. 

I am a certified specialist in the field of process improvement using the Six Sigma method (Green Belt)

In 2010, I completed a one-year course (including a project) in Dublin in the field of process engineering/principles for effective life change. I perfect this skill in practice in my professional work. Read more about me below.

In 2015, I completed a six-month Practical Philosophy Course, ‘The Love and application of wisdom’ at the Dublin School of Philosophy and Economic Science. 

I also had the opportunity to learn directly from great people such as Patrick Ziegler (‘All is Love’ 2017), Małgorzata Wołukanis (‘The Unfastening Method’ 2017), Malwina Stach and Dawid Okoński (‘I Love Myself’ and ‘Lucid Dreaming’ 2019), Monika Rajska (‘Hyperphysics’ 2020), Dr. Maria Rozwadowska (‘Conscious Mum’ 2021), Jolanta Drobek (‘Hypnointegrative psychotherapy based on depth psychology by Werner Meinhold’ annual individual sessions 2021-2022), Magdalena Szpilka (‘Emotion Processing’ 2022 ), Bodyself (Working with the body in the vein by A. Lowen 2022), Adam Krasowski (‘Relations’ Dr David R Hawkins 2022), Adam Krasowski (‘Powerful Mind’ Dr David R Hawkins 2023), Anna Brzozowska (‘My Co-dependent Self’ 2023)

What did I earlier in life?

I was a lawyer and a certified financial and tax advisor. For many years I worked in government offices, financial corporations in Poland and Ireland (Tax Chamber Gdańsk/Bydgoszcz, Irish Life plc, Baker Tilly Ryan Glennon, KPMG, Arla Foods). I have experienced that regardless of education, profession, place of residence, people everywhere have the same emotions and feelings, but we differ in beliefs and opinions. As a result, we may react to the same events in different ways. Our different levels of consciousness influence the level of maturity in response to the events we experience.

Personal life

I am a married woman, a mum of two teenagers. Two dogs joined our family. I live in Gdańsk, Poland. I love hiking, flipping old furniture and fermenting vegetables. 

Me Conciousness 

In 2010, I ‘became ill’ with psoriasis. This experience changed the way I see myself, the world and life. I started discovering myself, a human being, a multidimensional being. I am fascinated by this work and today I am grateful to share my knowledge with others.

I like experiencing life. As of today, I recognise it as a core of my existence. Being part of all that exist, equipped with a will, I feel enormous happiness that a given me life, on this planet, in each moment gives me a possibility of experiencing by making choices in a field of opportunities. The biggest potential I can only feel is in now, a present moment, a daily life. I gratefully watch my mind conditioned by ‘so important’ beliefs, trying to run away towards past or future, taking away the current moment. Given me life gifts and flaws define my awarness, are my potentials and limitations. These, I will keep on discovering till the end of time. Thanks to my body I experience life fuller, it is a mirror of what I hold to consciously and unconsciously. And a soul, with love, knows the best, making the plan happen.

That’s all I know about myself as of today. And I am, simply.


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