The link between our thoughts and difficulties in life


I like comparing how our mind works to how a computer works.

The computer will only do what it has in its software resources. Likewise, the mind. Whatever our mind does not think, we will not experience in life.

The mind consists of a person’s thought programs (beliefs, opinions, views). We are aware of some of the programs (conscious mind), and some, rather larger ones, we are not aware of (subconscious mind).

To make changes in one’s life, one needs to recognize his/her beliefs (programs) about him/herself, the world and life, and then change them.

How to change your beliefs?

It’s actually quite simple. We need to make a decision, declare our will to delete it. Then we replace it with a new belief, the one we want to experience.

Just like on a computer, we click ‘delete’ a given program or file and then paste a new one.

Why delete mind programs?

Because the mind, like a computer, has its own capacity. When there are too many beliefs or they contradict each other, the head becomes ‘heavy’. It is worth verifying one’s thoughts on an ongoing basis and deleting those that are negative. Unless experiencing suffering is one’s goal.

How to get to the bottom of beliefs that cause suffering in life?

By working with emotions and asking appropriate questions to reveal the mind programs. Emotions and questions guide us and allow us to reach the view that causes difficulties in our lives. Sometimes this process is very quick, sometimes tedious, sometimes it requires the support of another person, but the effects, in my experience, are always worth the effort.

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