Chronic fatigue – what does psychobiology say?


Despite the possibility of regeneration, e.g. with a night’s sleep or a nap during the day, we feel tired.

What we eat every day affects the nutrition of our body and it is worth taking care of providing energy food. On the other hand, there are people who eat energy food and still feel tired.

What about psychobiology?

Our adrenal glands fail, and that affects the secretion of cortisol, the hormone, generally speaking, that energizes our bodies.

So what exactly affects our adrenal glands? A direction conflict. Also, the conflict of internal fighting with yourself, life and the world. That is: lack of purpose in life, lack of a sense of mission in life, loss of the ‘way in life’, feeling of missing out on life, lack of being part of a community. As a result, we feel a decrease in self-esteem, fear for the future.

If we do not know where we are going, external events attract our attention: politics, TV series, the neighbor behind the fence, celebrities, the war on the antipodes, the tsunami in the Pacific Ocean, and so on without end. We add overstimulation to our own conflicts, which increases fatigue, irritability, anger is born. Anyway, my conclusion is that we ‘reach’ for external events when we do not want to look at what is inside us.

Interestingly, people focused on goals and their implementation do not experience chronic fatigue (not to be confused with fatigue as such).

The condition is that the goals are ‘ours’ or at least when we identify with them. Goals don’t have to be big and far-reaching. It’s a good idea to plan at first your day properly and stick to it. Then the ‘conflict of direction’ disappears, we feel fulfilled that the day has passed successfully. A rest can also be a goal. We can also plan on a grand scale, of course. Just to implement, take action, slowly, every day, in small steps forward. After the first effects, there is a sense of action and purpose, as a result, we will give ourselves an injection of energy to act further.

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I invite you to my original program ‘I am, Me the Change’

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