Chronic fatigue – pleasure is not happiness
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In 2015, I completed a six-month Practical Philosophy, The Love and Application of Wisdom course at the Dublin School of Philosophy and Economic Science.

It was an interesting time. One of the topics was to know the difference between happiness and pleasure. I present the table in the picture.

Today, I associate chronic fatigue with our confusion between ‘pleasure’ and ‘happiness’.

Yesterday I wrote about the so-called ‘conflict of direction’ in chronic fatigue.

How does it connect?

An attentive person, with an open, centered mind and engaged in activities aimed at achieving the goal, feels happiness, which translates into a relaxed body free from chronic fatigue.

Such a person is free, feels responsible for his/her life, feels satisfaction from the goals achieved. Such a person understands and has experience that his/her emotional state depends only on his/her internal choices, reactions, judgments about oneself and others.

Such a person feels happiness in the freedom of being with other people and sharing. Such a man directs his choices through the prism of service (not to be confused with sacrifice) to others, to the world.

Examples of pleasure: stimulants, media addiction, TV series addiction, backbiting, spontaneous off-target activities, sugar, creating illusions about yourself and others, maintaining ideas about yourself and others.


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