Chronic fatigue part III – Do you accept life from your father and mother?


For your inner further consideration what the below sentences do to you:

‘I will never be like my father’

‘I will never be like my mother’

‘I despise my father’

‘I’m ashamed of my parents’

‘Talks nonsense’

‘I respect them. Nothing more’

‘I have nothing to thank them for’

‘I deserve it like a dog’s kennel’

‘What’s theirs is mine’


‘They know shit about life’

‘How can you do that to your own child?!’

‘She was a psychopath’

‘My mother was fucked up’


‘Mother was ok, only father was a problem’

‘Father loved me and a mother was so cold’

‘My father was an angel man, he suffered so much with her’

“My mother is crystal, she put up with that narcissist for so many years.”

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