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It’s been a long time since I’ve been touched by a film like the one, I recently watched ‘The Sound of Metal’. This movie is like a therapy session.

Well directed, made, played, presented, there is no way to pass by indifferently. Riz Ahmed in the last scene played so masterfully that to this day I put together what I experienced.

For me, it’s a film about loss, mourning, sadness, letting go, acceptance and acceptance of the new.

People with diseases such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis experience sadness due to loss. This translates into the condition of their lungs, intestines and skin. Loss and sadness arise from the conflicts of separation and isolation, the refusal to accept the loss.

I have the impression that humanity in general is experiencing one great loss today. We catch ourselves with melancholy, nostalgia, because there is a tint of joy from memories, but the old will not come back. New is coming.

When it happens within us, then in our lives, then on our planet.

In order for the new to come, you have to say goodbye to the old and come to terms with what has been lost. People, places, money, right, image, imagination, some dreams.

I wish you and myself such consent to now and how it has been as the main character in the last scene of the film. 💚


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