Boundaries. The magic of ‘NO’.
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It takes courage.

Less courage towards others, more towards yourself.

If I have a hard time keeping boundaries with others, it means I use them as an excuse not to look at myself. Because it’s more convenient to accuse someone of psychopathy, egoism, narcissism, egocentrism than to see where I don’t treat myself with respect.

Synonyms: I stop, enough, I decide, I choose, I resolve, I promise myself.

And I stick to it, I withstand the tension because I have promised myself. I keep my word. Just like to the others.

Because I respect myself, because I love myself, because I hug myself, because I accept myself.

Because I am the most important to myself.

Because if everyone takes care of themselves, everyone will be taken care of.

Because how can I give to others when I am exhausted or even ‘empty’. I cannot not pour from an empty dish.

👉 Practical sentences 😊

“I won’t do it for you.”

“I can’t talk to you right now.”

“I’m not coming over for coffee.”

“I won’t do any more overtime.”

‘I will not listen to other people’s problems’.

‘No thanks, I don’t feel like eating this dish.’

“I’m not going to put on makeup today to look prettier.”

There are consequences. Some of the people around us will ‘fall off’. Own excuses and pleasures will ‘fall away’. But it’s still worth it, we gain ourselves.


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