Is it worth going back to our childhood?
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If we were guided by the vision of most marketers of children’s products, childhood is a period of love, support, happiness, joy and a fairy tale in general.

If you look at the amount of handbooks for parents, stuffed therapy rooms, most relationships between adults childhood appears to be a great trauma.

My truth in this matter is the experience that it is worth reaching back to childhood on the way to self-discovery.

And it is worth making a CHOICE to change its perception.

I don’t mean to whitewash or justify it, but there is a point where we decide to let it go or not. In each of our shadows on the other side a gift. Without shadow integration, there is no gift access.

We have different stories and different levels of participation in reality. This journey is different for everyone. But each of us has a chance to discover that some part of him, suspended in childhood, has gone into survival mode, which affects us as adults. This part of yourself can be lived, recovered, integrated and turned into a resource in adulthood.

‘Yes, it was hard, difficult, scary, but I survived. Now I’m going to do something good with it.’ It’s a choice.


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