GOALS in life – the trap of visualization, no action
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Visualizations of what we are aiming at are very helpful, in my opinion even necessary.

They help the mind to focus on the goal, it knows where it is going, calms down, supports, suggests solutions. In efect, the emotions calm down.

The visualization should be accompanied by a feeling of joy, as if what we are aiming for has already happened. The feeling of certainty that it will happen, but importantly without the feeling that it has to happen. We don’t get emotionally attached to the end result.

It’s good when the visualizations are as detailed as we can imagine what we’re aiming for.


In my experience, without action in a given direction, visuals are not enough. These small steps every day that bring us closer to the final result are essential.

Realizing that this is how it works helps us to consciously create our life.

Contrary to appearances, it is not so obvious. There are currents that encourage creation only through visualization. Such a childish expectation from the world that it will do something for us. Perhaps this is due to the fact that as a child, things magically happened for them, such as ‘money is pulled out of the wall’ (ATM), ‘clothes are always clean in the closet’, ‘dinner is cooked’.

I often meet people with a desire to change, but the whole thing seems too distant, great, unconquerable, impossible to do. The mind gets discouraged. It’s so impossible.

But when we break it down into the first parts, it turns out that most of these activities are feasible, all we need is the will and the decision that we take smaller and larger steps, but every day, to the goal.

This applies to every process within us.

So, let’s get to work! 😍


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