Boundaries. The magic word ‘yes’.
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Like ‘NO’, it takes courage.

And just like ‘NO’, first of all, say ‘YES’ to yourself.

‘Yes, I have a consent for myself’

‘Yes, that’s how I am’

‘Yes, I am what I am’

‘Yes, I’ll do it for myself’

‘Yes, I’m going to do it differently today’

‘Yes, I’ll try something new’

‘Yes, I’ll stick to mine today’

If I’m having a hard time keeping boundaries with others, it means I haven’t said ‘yes’ to myself yet.

And if I didn’t tell myself, it means that I also don’t accept those I come from.

‘Yes, I am of you, I am like you’. ‘I’m just like you Mom’. ‘I’m just like you Dad’.

It is easy to accuse others of not allowing us, of limiting us, of forbidding us. And inside, one big relief that I don’t have to look at myself.

Synonyms of ‘yes’: I accept, I accept, I decide, I choose, I resolve, I promise myself, I see, I hear, I say.

Have a nice Monday!


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