Psychobiology, true or false?
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It is a matter of perception, which depends on the level of awareness, openness and curiosity of the person’s world. When Copernicus years ago began to preach that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not vice versa, many people knocked on their heads. Personally, I approach new topics in life on a 50/50 basis, i.e., oh, interesting, I’ll check if it’s true for me.

The basic discovery of German New Medicine, Biology, Recall Healing, or Psychobiology is that the human body responds to the emotional/feeling state of a person.

At the same time, when we regularly choose to experience emotions such as fear, fear, anger, it causes such a chemical-physical mixture that our body will react with an ‘illness’. Our grandmothers already knew that ‘the anger detracts from one beauty’ (Polish saying).

If we choose to experience feelings, e.g., joy, acceptance, delight, etc., our body will respond with health.

BUT there is a condition. You won’t feel the ‘pleasant’ feelings if you do not allow yourself to feel emotions or ‘lower’ feelings. Even Jesus drove the merchants out of the temple in a rage.

Does this mean that we are doomed to ‘diseases’ if we are to allow ourselves to feel lower emotions/feelings? Basically not (I’m not referring to the so-called ancestral or soul plans) if we solve our biological conflicts on an ongoing basis, instead of “grinding” topics for weeks, months or years.

Conventional medicine does not stand in opposition to the discoveries of Dr. Hamer. How many times do we hear in doctor’s offices that stress is the basis of ‘disease’? At the same time, for me, stress is a concept that is too general, multithreaded and not very specific. And psychobiology is more specific here, i.e., specific diseases are the result of specific biological conflicts with a specific emotional background.

If you are struggling with a ‘disease’ and are interested in a broader look at what your body specifically communicates to you, I cordially invite you for a consultation. 💚


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