On the edge


If you feel like being on the edge, please know you are not alone. The current process of the planet Earth and humanity I feel to the bone marrow, I am its part and it has been intense to me. From given me interactions with you I notice that the current proverbial apocalypses times do not pass you by. Great news!

In my experience there is nothing more enriching a human being than self discovering. Who am I? What do I need? Is what I do in life serving me and other people? Do I spend time with people that respect me? Do I respect myself? How to trust? We could ask and discover to the end of times. Building a relationship with self is a lifetime trip (thank god!), full of cul de sacs, nasty corners but also highways and happy like cabriolet rides.

Apocalypses in Greek means ‘discovery/revelation/taking of the curtains’. Of what? To me about ourselves and the world we have built. Let’s be honest, not everything has gone right, it is a high time for a change. That change can only be done by us. To manifest outside in the first place, it needs to ruffle us inside. Well, I agree, it has been difficult. Sometimes so painful and difficult that after some discoveries about myself I pick up pieces of mine like scattered socks for few days. My beloved, always on duty body, tirelessly shows, if the process has ended or the champagne time has not come yet.

However, there is something about it all that is so beautiful, transcendental, cleansing, refreshing, that I can only remain in a gratitude that I am a part of it. True alone, in isolation, sometimes in solitude but still with you all and every other being on the Earth.

They say that the upcoming dozen months will be demanding for the humanity. The more it ruffles inside us the more it will ruffle outside. In the end, this is apocalypses times 🤷‍♀️🙃

I wish you and myself we all take a step back, accept and be simply kind to ourselves and each other in this process. We are all in it and only in unity there is a power.

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A photo by Katarzyna Magrian 🙏



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