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I have just finished watching and I am writing about only because it is about the family systemic constellations (‘FSC’). Finally!

If you feel like checking out how more less the FSC look like, this series, at least the first season, is for you. I use words ‘more less’ because constellations as such are not shown fully but good enough to feel the spirit.

I am very happy that the production completed.

To me the series in an accessible way shows how stories of our ancestors, their known and unknown experiences or family secrets affect our descendants’ lives. As long as those stories are unconscious, we are in a way their hostages. True, we continue writing next line chapters with our own lives but not necessarily according to our own desired scenarios.

I am glad that the series keeps the spirit of one of the basic rules of the FSC, that is RESPECT and ACCEPTANCE of our ancestors’ experiences and that these experiences are part of ourselves. This is a basis of writing our own life scenario according to our own rules.

I am also glad that the systemic constellations are not presented as a magic pill for life pains. The constellations can help if we decide so. My own personal experience is that they help making life changes and help to see life’s multidimensionality. They also thought me healthy lowliness, lowliness and once more lowliness to life and THIS what it makes.

I was touched by two aspects of the series especially (apologies, a party bummer is coming!)

First, ‘the constellator’ appeared to be by profession a doctor. But I am not surprised. At the systemic constellation school, I met doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists, people called to help others. Beautiful. By experiencing themselves deeper, they are able to see wider their patients and support them more effective.

Secondly, the issue how consciously and unconsciously we manipulate our children. I mean how far are we able to lie, manipulate to ‘protect’ ourselves from rejection and judgement. Still, the systemic rules are fully on and the series showed it.

The screenwriter did not need to make up any part of the series, life itself 😊

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