On the Edge


If you are feeling on edge right now, know that you are not alone. I feel the current process of the Earth and humanity to the marrow of my bones, I am part of it and go through it intensely. In the given interactions with you, I see that the current times of the proverbial apocalypse are also not bypassing you. And great!   

In my experience, there is nothing more enriching for a person than self-discovery. Who am I? What do I need? Does what I do in life serve me and other people? Do I surround myself with people who respect me? Do I respect myself? How to trust? You can ask and explore endlessly. Building relationships with yourself is a road for life (thank god!), full of alleys, dead ends, but also highways and joyful driving in a convertible without holding hands 🏎

The word apocalypse in Greek means 'unveiling/revealing/revelation'. But what? For me, ourselves and the world we have created. Let's be honest, not everything worked out, it's time for a change. Only we can make this change. In order for it to manifest itself outside, it must ruffle us inside first. I won't say it's not easy. Sometimes so painful and difficult that after some discoveries about myself I collect my particles like scattered socks for several days. And my beloved body, always in service, tirelessly indicates whether the process is over or whether it's not yet time for champagne.

However, there is something so beautiful, transcendental, cleansing and refreshing in all this that I can only be grateful that I can participate in all this. Yes, alone, in private, sometimes in solitude, but still together with you and every other being on Earth   

They say that the next several months will be demanding for humanity. The more it pulls us inside, the more it pulls outside. After all, this is the apocalypse 🤷 ♀️🙃 I wish you and myself distance, acceptance and simple kindness to ourselves and each other in this process. We are all together in all this and only in unity is power.

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Photo by Katarzyna Magrian 🙏


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