Abortion – look at me mum and dad – recollection after years


This post is for parents that after having made that decision after years they decide to face it again. With more life experience, perhaps having next kids.

One could easily judge that ‘stings of remorse do not pass by’. Not exactly. In my view, this is more subtle and complex. Abortion is a loss of a child, regardless. Like each loss of a family member for making a step forward that child requires its due place in the family and grieving.

An abortion always leaves a print in a family system. On the system level this is an exclusion that generates consequences. For example, parents may split apart emotionally, next kids are anxious, seeking or they may have a grudge, next ‘kids’ like businesses, projects may fail.

Whereas a decision to abort a child is always made in a duty of love to someone/something else, that we give priority to the birth of a child. Every parent has its own reasons but that someone/something else is usually not consciously known whereas has a great impact on our lives.

If you feel like coming back to ‘that moment’, lovingly I invite you to a consultation. The systemic constellations will allow to bring that child back to the family, give it a due place and have a wider perspective as to the reasons of an abortion. In effect, you may feel peace at heart and start feeling a new quality in life.  

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