My coaching program ‘I am, Me a Change’
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The program started a little over six months ago. 11 people have participated so far. 7 people from Poland, 4 from Ireland, including two in English.

Where did this name come from? The word ‘I am’ means ‘I am in constant transformation in now’.

For me, life is about experiencing and transforming.

I like experiencing change. It’s inevitable. It often comes easy to me.

I am happy to share with you my knowledge and 25 years of experience on how to do it in harmony with yourself.

During 10 meetings, I will show you the techniques I have experienced, how to discover the beliefs that block us from changing, how to trust ourselves, how to work with emotional blockers, how to draw on ancestral resources.

Currently, this is my 4th profession in life, in each of which I have professionally educated. This is my 8th place of work and I have lived and worked in 4 countries. Today I also understand why it happened, in memory of whom I do all these beautiful things in my life. Because in each of these places I found a part of myself and grew.

For everything = for nothing? Or maybe versatile? Or maybe brave? Or maybe curious about the world? Or maybe a seeker? Or maybe giving yourself the right to experience?

Do you remember Mr. Leonardo Da Vinci? He lived 67 in the 15th-16th centuries. I quote from google ‘Italian Renaissance artist and scientist: painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, as well as explorer, mathematician, anatomist, inventor, geologist, philosopher, musician, writer’. His achievements still please our eyes and awareness.

Possible? What’s stopping us from experiencing life like Da Vinci? Each of our limitations begins in mind, and we maintain them with emotions.

The Change program is not only for a professional change. It was used by people who, for example, wanted to change their relationship with their loved ones, or transformed specific emotions in themselves, or worked with disease symptoms in the body.

The program is constantly changing 🙃 Just like me, you, the world around us. And this is beautiful.

I cordially invite you to a program 🙂

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