Disease is not an enemy, a patient is not at war, a doctor is not a general
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Psychobiology, recall healing, new german medicine.

Wonderful tools for a better understanding of the human self, biology, nature, expands consciousness.

The experience of illness is a symptom of an emotional conflict INSIDE US. In this context, we can say that the ill person is at war, but with oneself. He/she struggles with something, more or less consciously, ‘finish’ unexpressive stories from one own childhood, ancestors, and even reincarnation.

The experience of illness is not an enemy from the outside that attacks us. It is a feedback about ourselves that somewhere we are emotionally ‘completing stories’, ‘we are living to see’. Then, instead of going to a war with the body, you can look at yourself with a peace of mind and heart, with love, care, kindness and acceptance that this is how our body works. It is also a lesson of submission and patience, especially when the disease is chronic (and I write this from my own experience).

And yes, I know, the above sounds easy and pleasant but the reality is that most of us are stuck with chronic diseases for years, and sometimes ‘walk’ away from exhaustion. It is what it is. There is still learning ahead of us, our own work, tears of frustration.

Maybe not? Who knows that.

Illness is also a lesson of taking responsibility for your health. A doctor, nurse, psychobiology consultant is not a war cadre that gives orders and we humbly follow them, waiting for more. These are the people who accompany us in this experience and each of them, according to their abilities, knowledge and experience, and above all the level of awareness, accompanies us the best they can. Ultimately, it’s up to us to decide what we choose to use and what we don’t.

And my heart rejoices when I meet doctors who understand this aspect of us. And I have just met the third one, practicing in a public health clinic 😊

Unite, not divide 😊


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