Miscarriage, a recall of a past


It was only an embryo’ we hear often as women. An embryo for one, a child for another, all is right.

A miscarriage, regardless of a child age, may manifest in a woman body for years. It may manifest as ‘a disease’ as an effect of a significant biological conflict of ‘a loss’ and unfinished mourning.

Not released feelings and emotions affect our bodies, always. It is supporting in life being aware of those mechanisms.

A spiritual aspect of a miscarriage is exceptionally deep and affects all family members, parents, kids already born but also those that are to come in the future. This is how a family system works. Everyone has a right to its own position in a family, even if that family member is not physically with us any longer.

Recognizing a miscarried child by giving him/her its own due place in the family helps accepting the loss and complete a mourning, that can last unconsciously for years.

If you feel that unrecognised miscarried child is your own personal experience, I invite you with love to a consultation. Together we will have a look at the choice of your child not to be born. We will have a look for whom/what it was ‘in duty’ that he/she chose over its own life. And lastly, we will bring him/her its own due place in your family.

Photo by Katarzyna Magrian


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