Male and female energies in corporations and a success


Having predominance of a male or a female energy leads to a success in a corporation?

This is a question that could be asked equally to both men and women.

Let’s assume that being successful in a corporation is a promotion, a better salary, a possibility of doing an interesting work and on a corporation level a maximisation of profits and an expansion.

My nearly 20 years’ experience of working for corporations proved me that leading energy in corporations is a male energy. Even when most employees are women. A gender parity is only one of the aspects and not at all a leading one. I also noticed that a success of an employee in a corporation is proportionally linked with a male energy in a particular person. And I repeat, a sex of a person is an insignificant factor.

Of course, there is nothing improper about that, in fact everything is right. The question is if this a conscious process? Are we aware how a prevalence of a male energy in corporations affects other systems that we exist in i.e., families, economies, cultures?

I take a chance of asking a question, if a success in corporation is possible while being in advantage of a female energy? I am leaving that question open for today.

Imbalance of male and female energies in us manifests in a space, reality, always. If you like the world and its direction it has been heading towards to, this is a manifestation of a predominance of a male energy in us. I personally feel like a change, I feel a need for a balance of what is male and female in us. For both men and women, for us all. For a planet Earth, for our kids. Is your feeling alike?

What can we do?

We can explore in what energy we dominate in life and then explore what is that we need. Our first models of what does being male and female mean, are our parents and it is their model that we carry on and manifest, regardless if they physically were present in our lives or not. Are you aware of your own patterns?

With love I invite you to a consultation 😊

Photo by Katarzyna Magrian


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