Life’s mistake, that moment and shame


It feels like a humiliation and for years may cause that we ‘eliminate’ ourselves from life.

The title of this post has a teasing character. In fact, in my view, we do not make mistakes in life but only experience ourselves in different ways. Sometimes delicately like walking the meadow and sometimes fiercely like jumping a bungee. Sometimes in courage, like a change of a living place and sometimes in sorrow, letting life occasions go by.

There are also moments in life that we are ashamed of. It is like whatever we would do in live, whatever we achieve, a recall of ‘that moment’ assists us for years.

Shame on Hawkin’s scale of consciousness is at the bottom. It feels like a humiliation and for years may cause that we ‘eliminate’ ourselves from life.  

‘That moment’ may also cause that we let good opportunities go by because we fear that ‘that moment’ will come to light. ‘That moment’ may result in a feeling of not deserving in life so we unconsciously boycott ourselves, punish for ‘that moment’. ‘That moment’ may also cause thoughts that we are ‘bad’ or ‘not normal’, because ‘good’, ‘normal’ people do not do life’s mistakes. Moreover, if there were victims of our actions, ‘that moment’ may cause an immense biological conflict, that only ‘a disease’ is able to help us to survive.

What if ‘that moment’ was not a conscious choice but an action of a duty with unconditional love, because something/someone became more important than us? And what if that something/someone was so significant for our family system that only ‘a boo action’ could give it a due place in the family? If you feel shame, for whatever reason, I invite you lovingly to a consultation. We will have a wider perspective of ‘that moment’ and we may, if you choose so, change your belief of ‘that moment’ and release in effect a feeling of shame. From there, there is only a way up, to a new quality of life 😊

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