New Earth – The Change


It is a high time for the Change. As never before, we have got an immense support from the universe.

We have been experiencing currently highly unprecedented times on the planet Earth.

The transition from the Pisces to the Aquarius era is happening. The ‘platonic year’ is an astrological curiosity for ones, but for people equipped with a wider perception of the space it is a huge change.

I personally experience this change as humanity, partially at least, is leaving a playground to enter the courage level, thus the truth level according to the Hawkins’s map of consciousness. I also experience this change as a long-predicted apocalypses, that is revelation ( but revelation of what? In fact, everything. We are just watching how systems that we live in are falling apart. These systems are based on hierarchical basis, thus exploitation, or are based on concurrence, thus a survival fight, or are based on a ‘divide and rule’ policy, thus wars etc.

I intentionally wrote ‘system created by us’, because consciously or not, knowingly or not, for own comfort and benefit, or in fear, from a need of belonging or saving life etc. we accepted to belong and source those systems. For one to organise a life of another, another really needs to say yes, willingly. 

We humas are free, equipped with a will and a right to freely manifest it. Understanding this fact and what it means may bring anxiety and willingness to step back. A free man is responsible for its actions and effects it may bring. A free man knows that its thought supported by emotions and feelings, bring actions that in effect create a world around us. Summarising, the systems we created are the reflection of the humanity need, not to take a responsibility for its action so we could blame ‘those on top’: firstly parents, then bosses, governments, corporations etc. Also, partners, friends, neighbours, the list is endless.

It is a high time for the change. As never before, we have got an immense support from the universe. The only way to change the world around us leads by changing ourselves. If you have no courage to show your own, widely understood, truth i.e., you fear speaking up or saying ‘enough’, you fear presenting or change a job, you fear talking to your boss about a pay rise, you fear you have no skills and so on, I lovingly invite you to a consultation. Together we will have a look at what is blocking you to enter a courage level and if you willingly say yes, you will say good bye to patterns that no longer serve you to allow the change to happen.

Photo by Katarzyna Magrian


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