Hiking mountains, I have not reached the peak! Taming ego
Magdalena Magrian i Wojtek Tatry


It was worth hiking all those peaks, not to have to reach any summit again

I have done it, I hiked Rysy (the highest peak in Poland) from Slovakia. I know I took an easier track, but hey, that why I chose it, right! As if my hike did not count. It was still hard! And I have not reached the peak. I crawled up (literally) to Rysy Hut after 4 hours. Having experienced the warmth of the shelter, full of pain, moving like an old school robot, I began descending.

On my way I had approx. 58 crisises. Equal number of times I asked myself ‘what for?’ To catch up my breath I stopped, say, 200 times. On the way up I began hiking massive stones like a monkey to realise I was off the track. It took me additional 20 minutes to get back on the track, full of fear I would unnoticeably get stack in a melting but still deep snow. 15 minutes before the hut hail and wind whipped me to a blueish red colour. Pleasure, icy rain run down my body laughing at my waterproof, apparently not to hail, hiking clothing.

And for a dessert, a fight to put on crampons with my stiffed from cold fingers to hike icy slope. Not mentioning ‘human mountain goats’ passed me by as if different physical laws were there for them.

I love mountains and hiking. It was my second time in life when I consciously let go reaching the top. Ego pain is proportional to a hiked mountain. But then a feeling of a massive relief drives in. And a thought that I do not have to anything. That hiking itself is also worth experiencing. That being powerless is being a human.

It was worth hiking all those peaks, not to have to reach any summit again.

Ego loves winning, proving, boasting, being proud. Ego with love encourages us to do more but more often takes control and then we lose the meaning of what we have been doing.

If you feel like a victim of your own ambition, lovingly I invite you to a consultation. Together we will look into your own systems, to discover whom/what you give yourself to.


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