Sunrise on Summer Solstice – a support of own power
Wschód Słońca Bałtyk


The magic of nature is also about its cycles

The magic of nature is also about its cycles. It is about birds singing at 4 o’clock in the morning, it is about Summer beginning fully on 22 June, it is about blooming tree flowers at Spring or frost in the Winter or falling leaves in the Autumn. Despite our human dramas, that we twirl like a salesman ice creams, the nature peacefully enters its cycles.

Today, together with a bunch of wonderful women from Tricity Women group, I went to see a Sunrise by Gdańsk Bay. Thanks to a beauty of a rising Sun I felt, as always in a breathe taking moments in the nature, a massive flow of inner strength, peace within and confidence that all is right. If such a big Sun is rising tranquilly, if cyanobacteria is blooming as always, if strawberries are growing as usual for the nature all is in order.  

Meanwhile, the nature cycles are also within us humans for a very logic reason, we are a part of it. Psychobiology proves it, a conscious man knows it, a human body lovingly shows. It is worth feeling an order and peace of the nature within, at least for a moment. It gives a rest, allows catching a breath and a contact with our inner selves. It also gives a feeling that as in the nature, all is in order even if at a given moment we feel otherwise.

If you feel like discovering your own cycles, lovingly I invite you to a consultation 😊

Photo by Dorota Kalinowska


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