Women’s Circle September 2021–June 2022


Summary of the meetings (for image translation please scroll down)

Women’s Circle September 2021 – June 2022

On Saturday June 11th, we had the last, 10th monthly meeting. So many great memories, challenges and interesting topics. Ladies with a courage faced their own stories, they were open to a workshop type of meetings and they willingly reached out towards new experiences. Bravissimo! And I salute myself as well, why not?! 😊I salute that I had enough courage to start the meetings and that they worked out. And on top of it and wonderful lesson of lowliness.

Thank you for everything Ladies and see you in September!

p.s. But I do not get one thing Ladies, how come we did not take any photo?!

September 2021 – My dream

October 2021 – Relation with a father and a mother

November 2021 – 7 Laws of the Universe

December 2021 – The order of love in the families

January 2022 – Emotions and feelings

February 2022 – Opinions, views and others

March 2022 – Our bodies always tell the truth

April 2022 – Woman’s Body

May 2022 – Tibetan and ceramic bowls concert

June 2022 – A summary of the meetings


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