I am coming to you Dad – Father’s Day


By love I mean accepting father within us

‘I will never be like my father’. And we focus on mindless, exhaustive, doomed to failure fight with what is paternal within us. We prove we are better, cleverer, that we understand more. We make fun of them and we do not appreciate them, amusing providers to make ends meet.

There is another pole of a same pattern. ‘My father is a saint man’. And we walk the life allured with a perfection displacing the uncomfortable because otherwise we would have to accept what is uncomfortable within us. Or we constantly feel worse, no one looks good beside a saint.

An adult sees the whole spectrum. One accepts a father within, in whole. And then, one as he/her wishes takes gracefully what suits and with love gives back to a father what does not suit. I love you, Dad.

I lovingly invite you to a systemic constellations consultation. We will have a look at your relation with your father, so we can extract life from him and in effect anticipate self-more 😊


Photo by my Mum


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