Why I appreciate a family constellation technique
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Among other things, for the possibility of a deep work with the body.

You can experience it by taking a part in Hellinger Systemic Constellation  workshops as a representative of, for example, another person.

Through representation, we can experience a range of emotions and feelings, express them with the body by screaming, crying, laughing, without words, especially during constellations in silence. Such work for the benefit of another person is a gift for us, because in fact we also release our own emotional records in the body, which in the end give a sense of lightness. How deep this work can be, we can experience through the feeling at first of a fatigue straight after the representation, the need to regenerate so that lightness can come later.

For me, working with the body is the basis of a self-discovery. The body is constantly communicating to us what is inside us, especially unconscious. Including through the so-called diseases. It's a great gift.

Have a nice Tuesday, full contact with your body 💃🕺

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