Skin diseases (psoriasis, AD) and diet
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A big topic. I will briefly describe my own experience.

I spent 3 years trying different eating ‘styles’ to ‘get rid’ of psoriasis.

I was rigorous in my resolutions, meticulous in my calculations, I spent hundreds of hours reading information for educational purposes. I spent a lot of money on supplements, bio-vegetables, fruits, unprocessed products, deworming, visits to offices.

At one stage, psoriasis even began to regress, only to return triumphantly when I continued to diet. Once, I had a complete remission of psoriasis when I ate everything. Awry.

I realized this is cul de sac.

I do not regret this period. I learned a lot about my body, character, endurance, nutrition itself. I stick to eating habits that serve me well.

Yes, the way we eat also affects the condition of our skin. Proper nutrition (we somehow take care of it with children), cleansing the body (like wardrobes in the Spring or toilets on Saturday), skin care (like polishing the body of a car) it all matters. Chinese medics have been pointing to the connection between the condition of our skin and the intestines for thousands of years.

But without ordering the beliefs and emotions in oneself (including ancestral ones) will be short-lived in my experience. Eating habits are the result of our emotions inside us, there is no randomness.

And that’s the clue to this story.

What is important is the intention with which we approach the change of eating style and whether we listen to our body.

🥥 ‘I’m fighting’ with the skin, disease, or am I nourishing the body?

🥥 What do I feel during the diet? Frustration, guilt, the desire to punish myself for ‘bad’ eating habits, or the joy of eating cool products?

🥥 I listen to my body and how I feel after a given meal, or do I blindly listen to advisors around me without internal verification?

🥥 I eat to nourish myself and feel full, or do I eat to survive hunger from one meal to another?

🥥 Do I allow myself to occasionally satisfy desires, in the freedom of choice ‘yes, I’m allowed’?

🥥 I enjoy being a human on Earth, where I can taste so much goodies?

🥥 Am I free in my nutrition, or do I rather despise others that they eat ‘like this’, and I really despise myself?

🥥 I love and enjoy my body and take care of it, or am I “attacking” with strict, not very filling recipes?


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