Father, Mother, please…


You may be already adult by age but still feel unconscious craving for parents love and acceptance.

This is the effect of very deep childhood wounds and our busy, daily life often does not allow for wrestling with the past.

That unconscious craving may manifest in life in many ways, the most often in claims towards life, people and by feeling deep unjust in life. It is so easy at tough times to accuse others, to claim they have easier in life, that life is hard for some and a fairy tale for others.

Other manifestation of that unconscious craving is an expectation that others will look after us. This expectation may be communicated directly: ‘I am your mother; you should take care of me’ or ‘Why aren’t you calling me? Aren’t you interested how I am getting on?’. The expectation may also be less obvious and manifest for example as a subtle emotional blackmail: ‘You are so wonderful that I cannot imagine my life without you’ or ‘I cannot express how much you mean to me’.

Another manifestation of craving for parents love and acceptance may manifest as a feeling of being ‘not enough’ in life, in literally everything: in relation, at work, at being a parent, in appearance, at sex, in wealth and so on.

Holding on to such beliefs leads towards cul de sac of suffering. Like hamsters running in their wheels, we repeat a pattern of ‘miserable life’.

If the above resonates with you, I invite you with love to contact me for a consultation. We will look at your own family system to take and accept the unconscious, so you can start experiencing a new quality in life.

Photo by Katarzyna Magrian


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