A difficult day as an opportunity for a ‘researcher’s’ journey
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And by no means I mean changing the physical position of our body.

In looking for solutions to my difficult moments, I developed a technique that I called a ‘researcher’.

I’ve noticed that as humans, we can “hang” on our poor emotional states. It is as if the software has b a glitch and for days, weeks, months and even years we are stuck in our own emotional conflicts despite clear signals that they are not serving us.

A change of environment, such as a trip, can help, but in my experience it won’t do much unless we “dig” what we’re after. We will not run away from each other, even on the most beautiful beach in the world.

Like a ‘researcher’, we can go deep into ourselves with curiosity and inquisitiveness.

The ‘researcher’ can be brought to action when we are stuck in emotions, e.g. regret, sadness, guilt, anger, fear.

What is it all about?

🤔 I watch my emotions with curiosity – Oh, what is this? How do I feel it in my body? Where does ‘it sit’ in my body?

🤔 With curiosity, I ask myself – Since when have I felt like this? What happened in my life that made me feeling this way? Is it something old or quite new?

🤔 I am curious to ask myself – Why did I feel this way? How did I assess this situation before? What do I still think about this situation? Did I lose something? Have I not met my needs? I do not know what to do? I feel cheated?

🤔 I am curious to ask myself – Can I look at this event differently? Can I feel different?

When I feel that I am stuck in my search, I give myself more time, without expectations, but consistently like a researcher, I look deeper. When it doesn’t work, I reach for an outside support.

To sum up, the ‘researcher’ looks for solutions, acts. The ego stops raging, the mind has a task and as a consequence, answers come and emotions calm down.


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